Local Spots to Meet a New Significant Other

Local Spots to Meet a New Significant Other

By: Katy Defazio

Growing up as a teenager and a young adult, dating was never my strong point. I always felt awkward and childish. On dates, I would speak too much or too little about myself. Never in my life did I think I would be in a six-year healthy relationship with my best friend. Never in my life did I think I would be married to my best friend. I can thank some classic Buffalo favorites for that one!

Are you fresh out of a relationship and ready to put yourself back on the dating market? Have you been single for what feels like forever and not sure where to look for your next significant other? There are thousands of businesses and venues in Buffalo to enjoy for a public outing, hot date, or even casual conversation. Where are some of your favorite spots for date nights and meeting new people? Check out some of our handpicked favorites below.

Stamps the Bar, Mohawk Place, Buffalo Iron Works, Rec Room Buffalo

Are you a deep admirer of music and local artists? Look no further than these music venues! My husband and I met at a friend’s local show at Stamps the Bar due to our deep love for music and friendship. These are a few smaller venues in Buffalo, making it easier to mingle about and strike up conversation in between acts. Most of the time, you can find local music projects and artists at these venues. Thankfully, you can be lucky and catch some bigger names at these spots, too! Being that these venues include a bar, we do not recommend consuming too many alcoholic beverages before striking up a fresh conversation.

Tim Hortons, Dunkin, Spot Coffee, Starbucks

Now before you go ahead and assume we are coffee addicts; you can do more than drink caffeine at these places! Warm up with a cup of hot cocoa before giving your number to the cutie at the next table over. My husband and I planned our first date at Tim Hortons the day after Valentine’s Day, and it was a quiet spot for good conversations and subtle hints at a second date. The weather was nice enough to take a nice stroll outside afterward, too! My favorite part about meeting people at coffee shops is the artsy atmosphere mixed with toasty beverages and baked goods.

Church Groups, Book Clubs, Bowling Leagues, Painting Classes

It’s good to get specific when it comes to meeting your next partner. Being passionate about a specific hobby or topic can heighten interests and brighten conversations. For example, having similar interest in religion and overall spirituality can heighten the possibility of marriage in the long run, making the process much easier once you reach that point. Being able to “nerd out” over your favorite book genre or author can dig deep into a variety of other interests. Bowling leagues are a simple hobby that shows dedication to the same thing every week, embracing that a set schedule is important for your significant other. Finally, painting classes are an easy way to dig into creativity on a simple, yet effective level, boosting conversations about some of your favorite artists or creators.

Overall, I feel like most of today’s generation can find dating to be difficult. We live in a generation of technology and social media addiction. If you are single and ready to mingle, I highly recommend putting your phone away for a night to check some favorite spots in your neighborhood. We can discover relationships in the simplest of places without the influence of technology and social media. Be a human being, go out and show your voice beyond a screen. Scream what you are passionate about and find that person who can scream it right back at you. You never know who you may meet or discover, it could be someone that truly changes your life forever.

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