Dr. RS: Sleep Solutions!

Dr. RS: Sleep Solutions!

By: Dr. Riffat Sadiq, CEO, WNY Medical PC

How can we improve our sleep naturally?

“There are so many natural ways to improve our sleep. If people are having sleep problems they cannot go to sleep on time and they are up all night. Sometimes it happens to me also, if a lot of things are on my mind I can not sleep, and I have to find a way. So, I am going to give a few tips which I honestly implement on myself.”

  • Regulate your sleep pattern:

Find a time your day should end at a certain time like 10:00 or 11:00. I would suggest, that sooner like 10 is good. Between 10:00 PM to 12:00 AM, your body produces dopamine which is good for your memory and your sleep so you need that and also your body makes melatonin. Which is very well needed for your sleep. So, you need to regulate your sleep.

  • A dark room with no screens:

Having your room dark, with no screens on. Screens on and brightness are not a good way, because you will not produce the melatonin you want for your body. So the room has to be dark.

  • Relax and unload:

The next thing is you need to relax. You need to meditate before you sleep. Meditation five to ten minutes relaxing letting go of all the luggage which you had for the whole day, the stress you have to put it on the side. You can pray, or just do something that’s going to relax you. Washing your face, hands, and feet before you go to bed, also can relax you and give you a very good sleep.

  • No Caffeine:

Also avoid certain things like coffee or tea, at least a couple of hours before bedtime. You should not be having coffee or tea.

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